Designed to answer one of the biggest concerns of the elderly who live alone – what happens if I need emergency help – the Guardian Alert 911 is a simple and inexpensive home medical alert system that can allow a senior who needs help to reach 911 in an instant. Providing peace of mind for the senior as well as the family, the Guardian Alert 911 can literally be a life-saver.

Features of the Guardian Alert 911

The Guardian Alert is a great choice for a simple and inexpensive home medical alert system.

The concept is simple: the elderly person wears a small pendant that is actually a miniature speakerphone.  In the event of an emergency, the senior can push a button and 911 is instantly contacted. At this point, the senior can describe their emergency, and the 911 dispatcher can send someone to help.

The speakerphone pendant is small, and comes with a lanyard or belt clip so the senior can wear it in any way that is comfortable. The pendant is even “splash-proof” so it can be worn in the shower. For power, the Guardian Alert relies on a AAA alkaline battery that is included, and according to the manufacturer, will last up to a year. Battery power is easily confirmed however, by holding in a “test button” that gives a sound letting you know that it is working correctly.

The base station plugs easily into any standard phone jack. An especially nice feature is that the range can go up to 600 feet, so the elderly person can use it in an emergency from pretty much any spot in his/her home or yard. It is important to note that a battery back up for the base of the Guardian Alert…for use in the event of a power outage….does not come standard most of the time, but is available for an additional price. This would be an additional purchase that is recommended for peace of mind.

An additional purchase to the Guardian Alert that many folks consider is a “master lock” key access box that will allow emergency personnel access to a senior’s home in an emergency. This works by providing the key code to your local 911 center who will have it available to use if necessary, saving unnecessary damage to a home from emergency responders breaking in to assist an emergency caller.

What Makes the Guardian Alert 911 Different From Other Personal Emergency Response Systems

Similar to its sister the Freedom Alert 911, the Guardian Alert utilizes the small speakerphone to allow the senior to tell the person on the other end, what his/her problem is. The main difference is that the Guardian Alert will only contact 911 whereas the Freedom Alert provides up to 4 phone numbers to be programmed in…none of which has to be 911 if it isn’t desired.

Like the Freedom Alert, there is no monitoring station involved with the Guardian Alert, so there are no contracts, activation fees, or monthly fees. The initial purchase price is the only cost, making the Guardian Alert an extremely affordable option for the peace of mine of a home medical alert system.

What the Guardian Alert 911 Costs

Suggested retail price for the Guardian Alert is $199.95 for the phone and base only, with the retail cost for the battery back-up being an additional $59.95. Cost is $130.00 to $150 from for just the phone, or $179.95 for the phone and battery back-up together.

What Others Say About the Guardian Alert 911

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I bought this product for the first time for my mother about 2 years ago. It really gave her comfort knowing that help was just a click away. More recently a good friend of mine fell into very bad health and I was afraid to leave her home alone. My mother reminded me of the phone I got for her years before. I bought another one for my friend to wear. She had it a week when she was in a desperate situation alone at home and used it. 911 responded in minutes and took her off to the emergency room. I would highly recommend this phone to anyone with a friend or family alone at home.

I was introduced to the 911 Guardian Phone at a local durable medical equipment store. I was impressed with their $200 asking price but decided to check before buying it. It’s a good thing I did! Buying it through Amazon saved me about $55.00!

The machine was simple to install at Mom’s house. Just plug it into her phone jack, push a couple of buttons and it was up and working. The only complaint is the fob is kind of large. Mom has a challenge to find a comfortable place to wear it and I’m afraid she will find the most comfortable place is on her dresser.
Mom’s safety is the most important thing and this product helps us all sleep better. Knowing that, if she wears it, if anything happens to this 85 years young widow woman she can get 911 help is very comforting.

Completely satisfied with this product. It’s simplified use gives an elderly person a piece of mind. That help is just a push of a button.

This unit doesn’t try to get you involved in an extended pay plan that you don’t need. One time price gets you a convenient and effective unit that calls 911 in an emergency, with a push of a button.

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Is the Guardian Alert 911 Right for You?

No monthly fees, an affordable cost, and simple set-up and use make the Guardian Alert an attractive alternative to an expensive home monitoring system. For the elderly person with minimal health issues who just wants to know that they can get emergency help from 911 immediately if needed, this would be a good choice.

But if the senior has some health issues, or wants the option to be able to talk to family or friends before/instead of 911 if there is a problem, then there are other systems that might be a better choice. The Freedom Alert is still an affordable option that does not involve monthly fees, but offers the ability to have others contacted besides 911.

There are other considerations as well. If the senior is unconscious, he/she would be unable to push the button to summon help (although if the button is pushed but the senior can’t speak, Caller ID can identify the location for the 911 operator).

In addition, since the emergency unit depends on the senior pushing a button, it would not work for someone who can’t remember to wear the unit or push the button: in other words, for someone with Alzheimers or dementia, it is probably not the best choice in home medical alert systems.

However, for anyone who needs a simple home medical alert system with no monthly fees, and an inexpensive price, the Guardian Alert will do the job well, and provide the security and peace of mind that the senior and family are looking for.

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