While everyone, as they age, wants to remain independent and in their own homes, living alone also means that no one is available to help an elderly person if there is an emergency. The Freedom Alert was created to allow the senior, if necessary, to call for help with just the simple push of a button. By wearing a small pendant, the Freedom Alert provides the senior with instant, 2-way speaker communication with family, friends, or neighbors….or 911 if none of the programmed contacts are available. This ability to request help when needed can provide security to the senior and much-needed peace of mind to the family.

Features of the Freedom Alert 911

The Freedom Alert has a number of features that make it a great choice for a simple and affordable home medical alert system.

To start, since this system relies on a 2-way voice speakerphone pendant that allows the elderly person to talk directly to someone on the other end, the Freedom Alert does not use a monitoring station….therefore there are no monthly fees.

Simply program up to 4 phone numbers….family, friends, neighbors or 911 if you wish…and the system will call each, in the order you programmed, until it reaches a “live” person. And it is simple for the senior to call for help, as there is an easy one-button activation that works within 600 feet of the base unit, so the elderly person can be anywhere in his/her home or yard, and be able to use the Freedom Alert if there is a problem.

The pendant is small and lightweight, so it is easy to wear: with a lanyard, wrist strap or belt clip available there are several options for the senior to carry it comfortably. Plus, the Freedom Alert is also waterproof, so the elderly person can wear it in the shower…where falls are actually more likely to occur.

The Freedom Alert comes with rechargeable Lithium–ion batteries, as well as an emergency back up battery for the base station, so it will work even if there is a power failure. And while the speakerphone’s battery will need to be charged every so often, there is a simple test function that makes it easy to see if the system is fully charged and working correctly.

Lastly, the Freedom Alert is very easy to set up, as the base unit is simply plugged into a standard phone jack. In fact, this simple set up makes this system completely portable: if your aging parent is away from home, the Freedom Alert can be set up in any home in North America that has a standard phone line. Simply bring the system along, plug it into a phone jack, and the senior once again has the protection of being able to call for help if needed.

What Makes the Freedom Alert 911 Different From Other Personal Emergency Response Systems

Unlike many home medical alert systems which are monitored by a network which will notify family or 911 if the senior contacts them, the Freedom Alert allows for automatic dialing directly to family, friends, or whoever’s number has been pre-programmed. And there is complete control over the numbers that are selected, so you and the senior can really choose who will be contacted, and in what order. Plus, since the pendant also is a small speakerphone, the senior can actually speak to the person who answers…which allows for a conversation to determine what is wrong.  This nice feature eliminates unnecessary calls to 911 for issues that may not be an emergency.

And of course, since there is no monitoring station involved…only family and friends…there are no contracts, activation fees, or monthly fees. The initial purchase price is the only cost, making the Freedom Alert a truly affordable option for a home medical alert system.

What the Freedom Alert 911 Costs

Suggested retail price for the Freedom Alert is $299.95. Cost is $260.00 to $279.95 from Amazon.com

What Others Say About the Freedom Alert 911

(Review from Amazon.com)

My siblings and I bought this for our 86 yr old mother. We love the fact that she has no monthly payments to make and that we could program it to call up to 4 numbers before calling 911 (or you can program it to call 911 first or not at all). Even if it gets an answering machine it knows to call the next number (you have to dial 5 when you receive the call so if nobody dials 5 it goes on to the next number). She has pushed the button by mistake a couple of times but it’s no big deal because it just calls me not 911.

Pros: No monthly pmt, Able to program phone numbers to call, works even outside as long as near the base

Cons: A little bit heavy to wear around the neck, but has a belt clip too, Won’t work while they are online if your parent uses a dialup connection to the internet.

I would definitely recommend this unit!

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Is the Freedom Alert 911 Right for You?

No monthly fees, and the ability to pre-program personal phone numbers as well as 911, make the Freedom Alert an affordable and attractive home medical alert system. Seniors are likely to appreciate talking to someone they know rather than a “stranger” from a monitoring service.

But if the senior is unconscious, the Freedom Alert would not be of assistance in contacting family or friends, as it does rely on him/her to press a button to call someone (however, if the button is pushed, but the senior cannot talk, Caller-ID will indicate that the elderly person is who called).

In addition, since the emergency unit depends on the senior pushing a button, it would not work for someone who doesn’t have the cognitive ability to push the button: in other words, for someone with Alzheimers or dementia, it is not likely to be effective, as the senior needs to remember to wear the unit and remember to push a button if they need help.

Still, for those who are looking for an affordable home medical alert system with no monthly fees, and who have an aging parent without serious medical needs, the Freedom Alert would be an excellent choice. For those looking for a less expensive option, where only 911 is contacted, the Guardian Alert may be the best home medical alert system.

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