LifeStation Home Medical Alert System

For many seniors, a home medical alert system with a monthly monitoring service is the best choice. Having the knowledge that there is someone trained to assist the elderly person in an emergency, 24/7, no matter what, can provide some much-needed security to the aging person, and his/her family and friends. There are a number of monitoring home medical alert systems, and of those, LifeStation is one of the most popular choices.

Features of LifeStation

LifeStation provides easy to use equipment that is simple to set up, and comfortable for the senior to wear. Once the medical alarm console is plugged into a phone jack and power outlet, it is ready to go, providing service to the help button worn by the senior, up to 400 feet from the console. With a built-in battery backup, there is security in knowing that the system will continue to work for up to 32 hours, even with a power failure.

For added insurance, automatic weekly tests are conducted to make sure that the equipment is always working properly. Beyond that, LifeStation encourages an additional, monthly test on your own, as an extra confirmation that the system is functioning properly.

The elderly person wears the alert on either a lanyard, wrist strap bracelet or belt clip, enabling him/her to simply press a button to call for help when needed. The help button is waterproof, so the senior can even wear it in the shower, where many falls occur. And the long life lithium battery on the help button will typically last up to 4 years with normal operation.

Once the help button is pushed, it activates the LifeStation alarm console, and the monitoring service is contacted, generally within 20-30 seconds. The responder will try to determine what is wrong, and if the senior is able to speak, he/she can explain the situation, allowing the LifeStation specialist to contact the appropriate people: 911, family, friends, or whoever is on the contact list. If the elderly person is unable to communicate (or is out of range of the speakerphone on the console) the responder will be able to determine that a call has gone out from the senior and call the designated emergency contacts. And if for some reason a call was made accidentally, it can be easily cancelled by pressing the “clear” button.

LifeStation offers additional equipment and services if needed. For example, it is possible to have both mom and dad have the security of a home medical alert system, without the additional cost of another console: an additional alert button can be used with the same console, for a slight additional monthly fee.

Some families, in situations where someone may not be able to get to the senior’s home quickly to let emergency personnel in, decide to get a lockbox that houses a key to the home (the LifeStation monitoring service would have this code to give to emergency responders). Additional bathroom and hallway buttons can also be added. And for even greater peace of mind, there is Activity Assurance that checks in the senior every day: if there is no response, the monitoring service is contacted.

LifeStation can work anywhere in the United States, and can be moved easily as well, even if only temporarily (LifeStation monitoring needs to be contacted with updated address though). It also comes with a system repair/replacement service for the length of your time with LifeStation.  With a 24/7 monitoring service, as well as 24/7 access to customer service if there is a question, problem, or concern, LifeStation truly provides round-the-clock help and peace of mind.

What Makes LifeStation Different From Other Home Medical Alert Systems

One of the unique features of the LifeStation system is the care and training that goes into the staff of their monitoring center. Unlike some home medical alert systems that outsource their monitoring staff, everyone who works in the LifeStation monitoring center is an actual employee.

This allows LifeStation to provide a very extensive training program for these individuals: 160 hours of formal classroom training, with testing done 4 times throughout this process, followed by an additional 80 hours of classroom and practical training.  Once this initial training is complete, then each person is given a performance review weekly for the first 3 months, followed by additional, regular performance reviews.

This thorough training and review process means there is great security in knowing that the LifeStation service is always available, each and every time the help button is pressed, ready to assist quickly and professionally. In fact, every medical alert emergency all is handled by two specialists in the monitoring center: one stays on the line with the senior, and the other contacts emergency personnel and the senior’s contact list.

LifeStation’s monitoring center is also UL listed, meaning that their facility meets the high standards of Underwriter’s Laboratory, which is the recognized standard for all monitoring centers. And their commitment to customer service extends to the 24/7 customer support line that is available in addition to the monitoring center.

Unlike some home medical alert systems with monitoring centers, while there is a monitoring agreement for the monthly service, there is no long-term contract, and you may cancel the agreement at any time with 30 days notice.

What LifeStation Costs

The LifeStation equipment and monitoring service has several billing options: annual payment, quarterly, and monthly payments. They also provide a slight senior discount. Monthly costs for their home medical alert system will range from around $27/month to almost $30/month, depending on which billing option is chosen.

In addition, there may be additional monthly fees if additional equipment or services are selected, such as an additional user (for a second help button), bath/hallway buttons, or the Activity Assurance service.

There is no deposit required or additional “hidden” fees, no long-term contract, free shipping, and free system repair and replacement. Cancelation can occur at any time, without penalty, with 30 days notice.

What Others Say About LifeStation

(Reviews/testimonials from

Your service has been excellent from start up through the times my mother (Elizabeth) needed emergency help and even the times she pressed the button by mistake. Your employees are excellent and caring it comes through in their voices!

Richard K., Lancaster, PA

Had another problem about 3-4 weeks Ago. Almost passed out in car (parked). Thought it was due to my diabetes. Got home and in garage – had another spell and couldn’t get out of car. Waited a bit and got out of car, but could get no farther than back seat of car. Opened door and sat down. Had LifeStation around neck. Pressed it and quickly there appeared an ambulance that took me to the hospital. Thanks a lot!! Was not diabetes – reaction to two medications I have been on.

Ann H., Hampton, VA

Easy to set up. Easy to use. And most importantly, worked like it was supposed to on two separate occasions that we have had to use it!

David S., Nederland, TX

Totally satisfied. Easy to set up. Nice people on the other end. The one time my mother needed help – she pushed the pendant and everything worked just as it was supposed to. Your monitors have also been very nice when the button has been pressed by accident. I’ve told many friends of your service. I feel much better when my mother is alone.

Diane M., Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

My mother fell down and couldn’t get up. LifeStation was activated by her and response was immediate. Neighbors contacted as designed and they came right away helped her up. Great system and it works!

Both mom and I both feel safer and more confident.

John H., Reno, NV

My father became a widower recently and I live 45 minutes away. Out of the 3 companies I researched, yours was in detail, the services, your equipment was easily seen by my father (nice size pendant and large red button on monitor). When ordering, your Care Specialist was polite, answered my questions completely and I felt relieved that my father could get the help he needed quickly. Nothing is as important, as to have your family protected. This is a great burden, to make sure my dad will be fine living on his own as he want to be independent. Thank You!

Louise F., Carmel, NY

Is LifeStation Right for You?

Increasingly, many adult children find themselves in the position of wanting to insure that their aging parents are cared for, and are safe and secure, but cannot be there to provide that care 24/7: they may live at a distance, or work long or erratic hours, and so may not be immediately available when/if mom or dad need emergency assistance. Home medical alert systems help provide that security and peace of mind and enable seniors to remain independent in their own homes as long as possible.

Some seniors may not need a monthly monitoring system however, and there are some home medical alert systems that provide just the equipment: in an emergency, calls may go directly from the senior to 911, or designated family/friends.

But some elderly and their family members may want the additional layer of security, by having a trained, skilled and professional monitoring service available 24/7 to respond to a senior’s need. Certainly for situations where family may live or work at a distance from the senior, or for someone whose job does not permit them immediate access to phone calls, having a monitoring service would be advisable. Other situations where a monitoring service such as LifeStation would be recommended would be where the senior lives in a remote area with few close neighbors to respond to a call, or if the elderly person has serious medical conditions that would require immediate response in an emergency (rather than waiting for friends or family to respond).

Any type of home medical alert system does require several things of the senior however, in order for it to be effective:

  1. that he/she be willing to wear the help button or pendant
  2. that he/she remember to wear the help button or pendant
  3. that he/she understands what needs to be done to call for help, ie: to push the button

For these reasons, this type of system would not be the best choice for an aging family member with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

But for a home medical alert system that uses a monitoring service that is dedicated to training professional, caring employees to assist senior in need, LifeStation is an excellent choice. The monthly fee is well worth the cost of something that is really priceless: the safety and security of your aging parents.

Buy the LifeStation Home Medical Alert System

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Guardian Alert 911 Home Medical Alert System

Designed to answer one of the biggest concerns of the elderly who live alone – what happens if I need emergency help – the Guardian Alert 911 is a simple and inexpensive home medical alert system that can allow a senior who needs help to reach 911 in an instant. Providing peace of mind for the senior as well as the family, the Guardian Alert 911 can literally be a life-saver.

Features of the Guardian Alert 911

The Guardian Alert is a great choice for a simple and inexpensive home medical alert system.

The concept is simple: the elderly person wears a small pendant that is actually a miniature speakerphone.  In the event of an emergency, the senior can push a button and 911 is instantly contacted. At this point, the senior can describe their emergency, and the 911 dispatcher can send someone to help.

The speakerphone pendant is small, and comes with a lanyard or belt clip so the senior can wear it in any way that is comfortable. The pendant is even “splash-proof” so it can be worn in the shower. For power, the Guardian Alert relies on a AAA alkaline battery that is included, and according to the manufacturer, will last up to a year. Battery power is easily confirmed however, by holding in a “test button” that gives a sound letting you know that it is working correctly.

The base station plugs easily into any standard phone jack. An especially nice feature is that the range can go up to 600 feet, so the elderly person can use it in an emergency from pretty much any spot in his/her home or yard. It is important to note that a battery back up for the base of the Guardian Alert…for use in the event of a power outage….does not come standard most of the time, but is available for an additional price. This would be an additional purchase that is recommended for peace of mind.

An additional purchase to the Guardian Alert that many folks consider is a “master lock” key access box that will allow emergency personnel access to a senior’s home in an emergency. This works by providing the key code to your local 911 center who will have it available to use if necessary, saving unnecessary damage to a home from emergency responders breaking in to assist an emergency caller.

What Makes the Guardian Alert 911 Different From Other Personal Emergency Response Systems

Similar to its sister the Freedom Alert 911, the Guardian Alert utilizes the small speakerphone to allow the senior to tell the person on the other end, what his/her problem is. The main difference is that the Guardian Alert will only contact 911 whereas the Freedom Alert provides up to 4 phone numbers to be programmed in…none of which has to be 911 if it isn’t desired.

Like the Freedom Alert, there is no monitoring station involved with the Guardian Alert, so there are no contracts, activation fees, or monthly fees. The initial purchase price is the only cost, making the Guardian Alert an extremely affordable option for the peace of mine of a home medical alert system.

What the Guardian Alert 911 Costs

Suggested retail price for the Guardian Alert is $199.95 for the phone and base only, with the retail cost for the battery back-up being an additional $59.95. Cost is $130.00 to $150 from for just the phone, or $179.95 for the phone and battery back-up together.

What Others Say About the Guardian Alert 911

(Reviews from

I bought this product for the first time for my mother about 2 years ago. It really gave her comfort knowing that help was just a click away. More recently a good friend of mine fell into very bad health and I was afraid to leave her home alone. My mother reminded me of the phone I got for her years before. I bought another one for my friend to wear. She had it a week when she was in a desperate situation alone at home and used it. 911 responded in minutes and took her off to the emergency room. I would highly recommend this phone to anyone with a friend or family alone at home.

I was introduced to the 911 Guardian Phone at a local durable medical equipment store. I was impressed with their $200 asking price but decided to check before buying it. It’s a good thing I did! Buying it through Amazon saved me about $55.00!

The machine was simple to install at Mom’s house. Just plug it into her phone jack, push a couple of buttons and it was up and working. The only complaint is the fob is kind of large. Mom has a challenge to find a comfortable place to wear it and I’m afraid she will find the most comfortable place is on her dresser.
Mom’s safety is the most important thing and this product helps us all sleep better. Knowing that, if she wears it, if anything happens to this 85 years young widow woman she can get 911 help is very comforting.

Completely satisfied with this product. It’s simplified use gives an elderly person a piece of mind. That help is just a push of a button.

This unit doesn’t try to get you involved in an extended pay plan that you don’t need. One time price gets you a convenient and effective unit that calls 911 in an emergency, with a push of a button.

Learn more from this YouTube video

Is the Guardian Alert 911 Right for You?

No monthly fees, an affordable cost, and simple set-up and use make the Guardian Alert an attractive alternative to an expensive home monitoring system. For the elderly person with minimal health issues who just wants to know that they can get emergency help from 911 immediately if needed, this would be a good choice.

But if the senior has some health issues, or wants the option to be able to talk to family or friends before/instead of 911 if there is a problem, then there are other systems that might be a better choice. The Freedom Alert is still an affordable option that does not involve monthly fees, but offers the ability to have others contacted besides 911.

There are other considerations as well. If the senior is unconscious, he/she would be unable to push the button to summon help (although if the button is pushed but the senior can’t speak, Caller ID can identify the location for the 911 operator).

In addition, since the emergency unit depends on the senior pushing a button, it would not work for someone who can’t remember to wear the unit or push the button: in other words, for someone with Alzheimers or dementia, it is probably not the best choice in home medical alert systems.

However, for anyone who needs a simple home medical alert system with no monthly fees, and an inexpensive price, the Guardian Alert will do the job well, and provide the security and peace of mind that the senior and family are looking for.

Click Here to Buy the Guardian Alert 911

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Freedom Alert 911 Home Medical Alert System

While everyone, as they age, wants to remain independent and in their own homes, living alone also means that no one is available to help an elderly person if there is an emergency. The Freedom Alert was created to allow the senior, if necessary, to call for help with just the simple push of a button. By wearing a small pendant, the Freedom Alert provides the senior with instant, 2-way speaker communication with family, friends, or neighbors….or 911 if none of the programmed contacts are available. This ability to request help when needed can provide security to the senior and much-needed peace of mind to the family.

Features of the Freedom Alert 911

The Freedom Alert has a number of features that make it a great choice for a simple and affordable home medical alert system.

To start, since this system relies on a 2-way voice speakerphone pendant that allows the elderly person to talk directly to someone on the other end, the Freedom Alert does not use a monitoring station….therefore there are no monthly fees.

Simply program up to 4 phone numbers….family, friends, neighbors or 911 if you wish…and the system will call each, in the order you programmed, until it reaches a “live” person. And it is simple for the senior to call for help, as there is an easy one-button activation that works within 600 feet of the base unit, so the elderly person can be anywhere in his/her home or yard, and be able to use the Freedom Alert if there is a problem.

The pendant is small and lightweight, so it is easy to wear: with a lanyard, wrist strap or belt clip available there are several options for the senior to carry it comfortably. Plus, the Freedom Alert is also waterproof, so the elderly person can wear it in the shower…where falls are actually more likely to occur.

The Freedom Alert comes with rechargeable Lithium–ion batteries, as well as an emergency back up battery for the base station, so it will work even if there is a power failure. And while the speakerphone’s battery will need to be charged every so often, there is a simple test function that makes it easy to see if the system is fully charged and working correctly.

Lastly, the Freedom Alert is very easy to set up, as the base unit is simply plugged into a standard phone jack. In fact, this simple set up makes this system completely portable: if your aging parent is away from home, the Freedom Alert can be set up in any home in North America that has a standard phone line. Simply bring the system along, plug it into a phone jack, and the senior once again has the protection of being able to call for help if needed.

What Makes the Freedom Alert 911 Different From Other Personal Emergency Response Systems

Unlike many home medical alert systems which are monitored by a network which will notify family or 911 if the senior contacts them, the Freedom Alert allows for automatic dialing directly to family, friends, or whoever’s number has been pre-programmed. And there is complete control over the numbers that are selected, so you and the senior can really choose who will be contacted, and in what order. Plus, since the pendant also is a small speakerphone, the senior can actually speak to the person who answers…which allows for a conversation to determine what is wrong.  This nice feature eliminates unnecessary calls to 911 for issues that may not be an emergency.

And of course, since there is no monitoring station involved…only family and friends…there are no contracts, activation fees, or monthly fees. The initial purchase price is the only cost, making the Freedom Alert a truly affordable option for a home medical alert system.

What the Freedom Alert 911 Costs

Suggested retail price for the Freedom Alert is $299.95. Cost is $260.00 to $279.95 from

What Others Say About the Freedom Alert 911

(Review from

My siblings and I bought this for our 86 yr old mother. We love the fact that she has no monthly payments to make and that we could program it to call up to 4 numbers before calling 911 (or you can program it to call 911 first or not at all). Even if it gets an answering machine it knows to call the next number (you have to dial 5 when you receive the call so if nobody dials 5 it goes on to the next number). She has pushed the button by mistake a couple of times but it’s no big deal because it just calls me not 911.

Pros: No monthly pmt, Able to program phone numbers to call, works even outside as long as near the base

Cons: A little bit heavy to wear around the neck, but has a belt clip too, Won’t work while they are online if your parent uses a dialup connection to the internet.

I would definitely recommend this unit!

Learn more from this YouTube video

Is the Freedom Alert 911 Right for You?

No monthly fees, and the ability to pre-program personal phone numbers as well as 911, make the Freedom Alert an affordable and attractive home medical alert system. Seniors are likely to appreciate talking to someone they know rather than a “stranger” from a monitoring service.

But if the senior is unconscious, the Freedom Alert would not be of assistance in contacting family or friends, as it does rely on him/her to press a button to call someone (however, if the button is pushed, but the senior cannot talk, Caller-ID will indicate that the elderly person is who called).

In addition, since the emergency unit depends on the senior pushing a button, it would not work for someone who doesn’t have the cognitive ability to push the button: in other words, for someone with Alzheimers or dementia, it is not likely to be effective, as the senior needs to remember to wear the unit and remember to push a button if they need help.

Still, for those who are looking for an affordable home medical alert system with no monthly fees, and who have an aging parent without serious medical needs, the Freedom Alert would be an excellent choice. For those looking for a less expensive option, where only 911 is contacted, the Guardian Alert may be the best home medical alert system.

Click Here to Buy the Freedom Alert 911

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